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Noah Mamet, a former US ambassador to Argentina, who has worked intensively on Joe Biden’s presidential campaign, told Clarion that he was “totally relieved” after the result of the presidential election in United States. “All the national and international nightmare is coming to an end. Thank God, ”he says.

He believes that outgoing President Donald Trump will eventually end up leaving the White House on January 20, but that the tycoon – whom he calls sociopath– has other reasons for not admitting defeat and alleging irregularities. “Report fraud, but is a gotcha. They are raising to reduce campaign debts and potentially create a fund so that he can use that money to travel around the country and give those crazy speeches“, he pointed.

-President Trump still does not recognize defeat and continues the fight. Why do you think it does?

-I am concerned about the damage it can still do. I think he’s really going to go, I can’t imagine another scenario. Yes I can imagine it can hurt while in power like firing people and acting like a wayward kid. But, at the end of the day, Biden is going to assume the presidency on January 20. The United States is going to return to normality, to be a competitive, compassionate, intelligent country. Of course not all governments do everything perfect, but there will be a radical difference after this sociopathic leadership that we had.

-Why do you think Trump is doing all this?

-Because he is a sociopath, it is very simple. This is the way he always behaved. I don’t know why some people think he’s going to change, he never acted any other way. This is him, this is how he acts. What happened is predictable.

-Does Trump want to keep his bases motivated, maintain his position as leader?

-Many people believe that there is actually some strategy behind what he does, but it is never like that. He is a con man and he is what he has always been. This wanting to keep certain facts in a controversy and keep raising money for these recounts is a scam. Report fraud, but it’s a scam. They are spending money and raising money to reduce campaign debts and potentially create a fund so that he can use that money to travel around the country and give those crazy speeches. So people contribute money with these arguments that he gives about fraud, but he does not use it for that but for other things. It’s another scam. It is a family of scammers and this is what is expected of them, they are as they have always been. This doesn’t really surprise me. We are focused on Joe Biden doing a great job, we are moving forward, going through the process. The first thing was, as expected, the creation of a special team to fight the coronavirus and talk about what we are going to do with the economy and keep people together. So, we are moving forward.

-What’s Biden’s mood? Have you talked to him?

-I did speak to him. It’s very good. He has had the most votes than any other candidate in history. We still don’t have a majority in the Senate, we will find out after the election result in Georgia on January 5.

-The fight seems to be tough there.

-Yes, it will be hard, but not impossible. Trump is not on the ballots, so many fans will stay home. We have two very good candidates, and we definitely have a very good chance at this. Biden is very committed to responsibility, as he has said, and is willing to move forward to reestablish our place in the world, our leadership in the world that has been displaced for four years.

-Do you think the transition is going to be hell or is Trump finally going to leave before January 20?

-Probably they are deleting e-mails, documents for all the illegal things they have done in the last four years. We have a lot of talented people who have been in the Barack Obama administration and it was only four years of Trump. Many are willing to return to government. I personally am advising people who are interested in going to the government to occupy the best positions. In the process, sometimes it needs to be confirmed and at other times it does not, it depends if you are going to work in the White House or in the administration, abroad or in the State Department. We have a lot of talented people. We have a lot of experience and I think it will be a good transition. We’ll see if we have the Senate and how difficult the confirmations are. But the big picture here is that we have to regain leadership in the world, reestablish our relationship with allies, unite to defeat Covid, recover the economy, and do something really great with clean energy.

-What is your vision of the reactions of Latin American leaders like Alberto Fernández? They have not yet spoken.

-Many world leaders have already called Biden. Trump had made things very difficult, it will be a little more difficult for a few more days. It is not really important what day you have been called on the phone to congratulate you, but what we do as a country with our allies and partners around the world is more important. I think our countries are relieved now that they can deal with a competent and normal government. This is not about personality but about politics. All countries want the United States to be predictable and stable.



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