Noah Mamet: “Donald Trump is a threat to democracy”

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The former US ambassador in Buenos Aires, now an advisor to Joe Biden, said that if the Democrat reaches the White House, he will seek to revitalize the relationship with Argentina.

Noah Mamet was born in California but is a huge fan of Argentina. When he was appointed by Barack Obama as the United States ambassador to our country in 2013, beyond his diplomatic activity, he enjoyed traveling Route 40 with his Harley Davidson and traveling through the interior to admire the natural beauties.

When he left his position in 2017, shortly after Donald Trump assumed the presidency, Mamet continued visiting Argentina on projects for Amazon, Disney and meat exports, but also to take care of his personal vineyard in Mendoza, where he coined a rosé that he baptized ” Hopefully ”because, he says, he never loses hope.

He is now president of the consulting firm Delphos International, based in Washington, with which he advises private companies (infrastructure, energy, agribusiness, with female leadership, among others) from emerging countries to obtain loans in different development banks, something that has become key with the coup of the coronavirus.

But in reality, a good part of his time these days is devoted to politics: integrates various campaign fundraising groups of the Democratic candidate to the presidency Joe Biden and advises him on issues for Latin America, especially in his relationship with Argentina. Clarion from Los Angeles, a few weeks before the November 3 elections, Mamet warned with concern about a possible Trump victory since in the United States today “democracy hangs by a thread” and “institutions are threatened as never before.” The former ambassador noted that if he reaches the White House, Biden will seek to revitalize the link with Argentina, encourage trade and “bringing the parties together” to reach a “positive agreement” on the debt with the International Monetary Fund.

-How did you get to work on the Biden campaign?

-When Biden won the nomination, he summoned me to organize former ambassadors into a group called Ambassadors for Biden to help in the campaign. Fundraising events are now being done via Zoom, many with him. But we have also connected it with a digital company that is in California (H Code Media) to make ads directed directly to the Latino population, especially in Florida, Pennsylvania and Arizona, states that are key to winning the elections. I’m also part of the Latam Group, which is a Latino policy group for Biden.

-Do you have a rough idea of ​​how much you have raised?

– So far it will be about two million dollars, if you add the events that we are carrying out with my efforts to raise money for the campaign. But many millions have been raised through other groups and there was an incredible record last month, in August, with $ 362 million. It was really amazing. He has done this for much of my career and I hardly imagined that on the campaign we were going to raise almost twice what Trump raised in August.

– Have you said that November will be a choice “of life or death”? Why?

-I think democracy is hanging by a thread. It is difficult sometimes to realize the level of threat that Trump is to our democracy and especially to our institutions and this is the most important point. Many of my Argentine friends say that “the problem with Argentina is that our institutions are not strong enough but those of the United States are much more solid and can support someone like Trump.” But we have seen that this is not necessarily true. Today there is a president who attacks the press every day and limits justice with right-wing ideologies and not only the Supreme Court but the federal courts, we are talking about 200 judges now. It is the first time in history that we have an Attorney General who does everything the president tells him to do. This is incredibly dangerous.


-We have a Justice Department that targets Trump’s political opponents and drops charges against his friends. The president also does not believe in the intelligence community, he does not believe in the information provided by the sector. He believes in people like Vladimir Putin in Russia. Our institutions are being threatened like never before in the history of the United States. We are in an emergency situation. Days ago he replied “let’s see” when they asked him if he would peacefully leave power in the event of losing the election. This is a great threat to our democracy and not only to the laws, but to the institutions that have created one of the longest democracies in the history of the world and today it is under threat.

-Do you think Trump can win, even if the polls today show him below Biden?

-We are all deeply concerned that Trump is using the Government to help him. For example, they are creating uncertainty in voting by mail and we want Americans who are abroad, as in Argentina, to vote by mail as they always have. Biden is winning in the polls, but in the end it’s going to be numbers with adjusted differences. People have to go out to vote. Trump has a very motivated voter base and they are going to vote. The big question is whether there are enough Democrats and Independents and also Republicans who see this opportunity to remove Trump from the White House and elect a good person, someone decent and empathetic and someone who has an experience that is superior to any candidate from the history. I think Biden is going to win, but we are working every day to make sure this happens.

-Biden has some difficulties with the Latino vote today, especially in Florida. Why?

-It is something I am working on with this company that I have brought to the campaign and it focuses on digital advertising aimed at the Latino population. Trump is targeting voters who don’t follow political issues too much. They have brought misinformation, lies and conspiracy theories to the campaign. We now have to combat this and that is why fundraising is so important because we have to be able to put ads on television and digital media to make sure people see how important it is to support Biden’s agenda. For those with connections to Latin America it will be a dramatic difference if Biden wins. Both Biden and his wife Jill know Latin America very well, it is a region that matters to them and what we will do is rebuild what Trump has done, which was to ignore the region or, worse, create problems.


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