No trace of fraud in the US presidential elections

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State authorities assure that the process and scrutiny have had all the guarantees

With fluency, without setbacks and with guarantees. This is how state and electoral authorities describe the elections and the vote on November 3 that gave Joe Biden the victory. These claims collide head-on with Donald Trump’s complaint claiming a fraud of which no evidence has been found so far. The truth is that the president, before a single vote began to be counted, had already been questioning the integrity of the process for weeks and questioning the vote by mail, despite the fact that these have a long history of success in the electoral history of United States.

The president still does not recognize defeat in the presidential race, despite the fact that his Democratic rival already has 279 electoral votes compared to 217 for the Republican. There are 42 to be awarded, but they would not be enough for Trump to achieve the magic figure of 270. What’s more, the president immediately began to file lawsuits and question the system in places where voting by mail was massive, but the tycoon did not has won. And this despite the fact that Nebraska, North Dakota and Montana fell on the Republican side and were states that extended the deadline to vote by mail due to the impact of the pandemic. Regarding those three cases, which are favorable to him with the same system, the president has said nothing.

“The 2020 general elections have been one of the smoothest and best developed, which is undoubtedly extraordinary due to the many challenges that were presented,” he assured the agency Associated Press Ben Hovland, a Democrat appointed by Trump to the Election Assistance Commission, who works very closely with officials in his Administration.

Meanwhile, the main leaders of the Republican Party have been willing to extend Trump’s challenge to the results for as long as necessary, despite the fact that most of the complaints and lawsuits filed by a White House in denial have been rejected for the time being. by the judges. Those that are still open have not yet proven to have a basis that there has been foul play that could reverse the results of the elections, according to the information published so far.

In Wisconsin, where Biden has beaten Trump by a minimal advantage, the highest electoral authority represented by Meagan Wolfe said his office had not received reports of problems in the elections or any complaints involving irregularities. The same has happened with Michigan, where its attorney general, Democrat Dana Nessel, guaranteed the legality of the results. “Let me be very clear: the November elections in Michigan went smoothly, as always,” explained Nessel. The only thing that is happening, the prosecutor added, is that there are speculations and conspiracy theories that she sees absurd.

The newspaper The New York Times reported Tuesday that election officials from both parties in dozens of states say there is no evidence of fraud or other irregularities that have influenced the outcome of the 2020 presidential elections. Between Monday and Tuesday, the New York newspaper contacted with the electoral authorities of each state to ask if they had suspected or had evidence of votes that could be considered illegal. A total of 49 States declared that there had been no problem. Authorities contacted in Texas were the only ones not to respond to the newspaper’s investigation.

The accusation of fraud remains unsupported. In addition, Trump and his bid for electoral chaos suffered a severe setback on Tuesday when it emerged that a postal worker who had claimed to witness a manipulation of votes in Pennsylvania dismissed his accusation. In addition, about 80% of Americans – half Republican voters – say Biden is the winner, according to a Reuters / Ipsos poll on Tuesday.

The final result is yet to be defined in North Carolina, where Trump leads with 50% compared to 48.7% for Biden; in Arizona, the Democrat has the advantage, with 49.4% compared to 49% for the president; and in Georgia, where the president-elect is also in the lead with 49.5% compared to 49.2% for the Republican.

Georgia’s Secretary of State, Republican Brad Raffensperger, confirmed Wednesday that the state will carry out a recount of all ballots. Raffensperger indicated that the margin is so narrow that it will have to be done “by hand.” Under state law, candidates have the right to request a recount if the margin of difference in the result is 0.5% or less.

As much as the figures and facts point to the contrary, ardent Trump supporters continue to claim that there was a scam. Texas Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick has offered to spend up to a million dollars in exchange for information with proof that fraud has been committed. “The persecution of electoral fraud is not only essential to determine the outcome of these elections, it is essential to maintain our democracy and restore faith in future elections,” he said in a Twitter message. Anyone who provides information that leads to an arrest and final conviction for electoral fraud will receive a minimum payment of $ 25,000 (about 21,230 euros), he said.

November 11 is the day of the Armistice that ended World War I. In the United States it is celebrated as Veterans Day and the president honors the unknown soldier at the Arlington Military Cemetery in Virginia, across the Potomac River. Since last Thursday, Donald Trump had not been seen on camera again. That day he appeared to address the country on the result of the elections, a broadcast that most of the television networks cut, alleging the falsehood of his complaints.

Under a persistent rain, which in the time of silence in memory of the fallen was the only thing that could be heard tapping against the ground, Trump entered Arlington yesterday. Until then he had lived as a refugee in the White House ruminating via twitter angry statements about the fraud of an election that has not led to a new term in the White House. He has divided his leisure time between assembling a battalion of lawyers to file complaints where he suspects foul play and playing golf on his Virginia course.


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