Tesla It is a brand that is associated with technological innovations and is practically the standard of electric cars.

What happens when you mix Tesla Y alcoholic drinks? Be careful, we are not referring to the recklessness of drinking and getting behind the wheel, but to the launch of a bottle whose design the same sense of innovation from the company of which Elon Musk is CEO.

What results from that combination is Tesla Tequila.

About the launch of a tequila from the manufacturer, Musk joked about it in 2018 on the occasion of April Fools’ Day, when he tweeted that Tesla was bankrupt and that he had been found in inadequate condition surrounded by bottles of ‘Teslaquila’, with the dried tear marks still visible on her face.

But like several Musk startups that start out as a joke, Tesla Tequila is a reality and can already be acquired from the Official site.

According to the product description, it is a premium aged tequila 100% agave rested in French oak barrels, which leaves notes of dried fruit and a light touch of vanilla on the palate, and a balanced finish between cinnamon and pepper.

About the production process it is important to note that Tesla is not behind, but the distillery About us Tequila, based in California and whose vision is to mix the traditions of Mexico and Costa Rica.

Presume 40 ° alcohol and it is necessary to be of legal age to order.

Regarding this, due to industry regulations only order two bottles and deliveries are limited to certain states of the US territory.

The cost of each bottle is 250 dollars and the company claims that that payment includes shipping.

By the way, at the time of making this note the bottles they were exhausted, so if you want to have yours, we recommend you be on the lookout.