Super Nintendo World, the amusement park of Nintendo, has suffered certain delays due to the global coronavirus pandemic that has led to international openings and events not taking place.

According to what we have seen in its long construction process, this theme park has some areas in which Bowser Castle and Peach Castle appear.

The evolution ofMario Broswith the passage of time it has been inevitable, but the essence of the plumber remains inSuper Nintendo World, which is great emotion for those who see the mustache as one of the most iconic characters in the world of video games.

Super Nintendo WorldIt will be an interactive park in which visitors can use a bracelet to keep a score that will even be compatible with some games ofNintendo.

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Super Nintendo World and its appearance

Although Super Nintendo World It has had to postpone its opening to visitors on numerous occasions, recently an image was leaked that gives us a little more insight into what this interesting venue looks like.

When you see the image, you will notice that it is a dream come true. We never thought it would be so spectacular to go from the screen to real life to enjoy it firsthand:

Thanks to the record we know what they look like some of its colorful buildings, technicians also have taken advantage of the period of pandemic to advance work and we believe it should not be long before the park is finished.

About this attraction, we know that it will have spaces and games set in the world of Mario Y Nintendo in general and found within the studies of Universal in Osaka.

Without a doubt, the entire park will be a heavenly place for fans of Nintendo. Just know that some of the areas will be dedicated to characters like Yoshi, Donkey Kong and many other iconic company characters that have been with us for decades.

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For now, it is not yet confirmed when this park could be ready to be visited, but we should take advantage of the wait to save money and start that magical trip.