It seems that Sony is in a run with updates to the firmware of PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, because just a few weeks ago i was informing about the new versions installed to each one and a few days earlier we talked about the most recent to visit the next generation console.

To that we should add that last week even PlayStation 3 obtained an update firmware, and now we will discuss the new version of the system software program that came to PlayStation 4, the particular 8.03.

One of the most significant changes that PlayStation 4 has brought in the particular last year was version 8.00, since it implemented functions designed for the eventual entry of PlayStation your five, within which a new criterion intended for Trophies and the possibility of silence all the microphones from the quick menu.

The version 8.03 continues the trend of bringing more features of audio and of simplify preference settings.

The main conjunction with this version is that you can now to disable he audio of conversations in games, directly from the ‘Sound / Devices’ section within the quick menu.

Sony clarifies that if the new function is left activated, all conversation audio will be disabled. “Your voice will not be able to be heard and you will probably not be able to hear the voice associated with other players,” says the firm.

It is also important to note that this specific function does not apply to the audio of group discussions.

As usual, our recommendation is you have your consoles updated towards the latest versions of your system software program, otherwise they will not be working suitably.

Also, if you want to give an extra motivate to performance from you PlayStation 4, we teach you to do it physically in the video down. It’s very quick and easy.

And if you want to play the same as you will be playing on your PlayStation 4, although from your phone Android, at video Below we explain step by step tips on how to do it: