Now that PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X / S are months away from hitting the market, many are wondering what it will do. Nintendo in a panorama of a new generation of consoles.

The company has already stated that the Nintendo Switch reached the middle of his life and that their capabilities will continue to be explored.

On the other hand are the rumors that Nintendo would be preparing a Switch Pro to better compete against PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X / S.

But to offer a bit of clarity around the switch successor console, the president of Nintendo, Shuntaro Furukawa, explained -as part of the fiscal year-end report- what is the strategy that the company will follow in this regard.

The document (viewable in the Official site Nintendo) covers different topics, including the philosophy of the brand, the 35 years of the original Super Mario Bros., the vision of creating fun concepts that integrate hardware and software, and the expansion of merchandise and theme parks.

Near the end there is a section called ‘Future initiatives’, which highlights the relationship that results from the Linking Nintendo Accounts with Switch consoles, an aspect that the Japanese giant claims will once again be fundamental in the next system develop.

This point was illustrated with an image in which the Nintendo DS and the Nintendo Wii appear as the first representatives of the comprehensive relationship between hardware and software, followed by the Nintendo Switch, which hit the market in 2017.

But in the case of the Switch, it is highlighted that it was the first time that the link between console and Nintendo Account. After the hybrid platform, comes a space dedicated to a next system that also will integrate hardware and software and whose release year is only delimited by a ‘20XX’.

Whatever the Big N is developing, looking at the slides used in the report it can be concluded that it will once again be a platform that challenge what is commonly understood by ‘video game console’.