It is well known that Nintendo is a company that takes great care of its IPs and that on several occasions he has resorted to legal actions to prevent a third party from taking advantage of them.

Examples abound and the most recent involves taking action against an influencer to stop exploiting a Nintendo IP in own benefit.

The influencer was known until recently as Pokeprincxss and had eight years occupying that name to launch products related to Pokémon and with other Nintendo products and sell them.

Obviously the Big N considered that Pokeprincxss was infringing on his copyright and therefore sent him a letter of cease and desist, which in case of not respecting could take her to court.

In the letter Nintendo ordered him to stop using references to Pokémon or any of its other IPs on its products and identity, and also told it that it should pay you royalties for the profits you made while infringing on your copyright.

This prompted her to change her identity and brand from Pokeprincxss to Digitalprincxss, and to explain to his followers the reason behind this adjustment he posted a video on YouTube.

Although Digitalprincxss claims to be aware of the faults he incurred, assures that Nintendo was launched against him for being a influencer for adults.

‘Nintendo does not want me to think that in some way or another I can be associated with them, and it is all because I am addressing the adult audiencehe says in the video.

Digitalprincxss has an account of OnlyFans in which he posts all photos and videos for adults and uncensored that in his usual posts on Twitter and Instagram he hardly suggests.

Even so, the girl says that she will continue to support Nintendo, because she is actually enthusiastic about its properties, and admit that he should have meditated better the possibility of breaking the law.