Over 50 productions were entered in the Romanian short film competition, and the selection was made by the film critic Ionuţ Mareş.

“The registration call was launched when it was still not clear if ANONYMOUS could take place, so the large number of Romanian short films received gave us confidence and hope. Due to the context in which this year’s edition of the festival will take place, I unfortunately had to choose a slightly smaller number of titles that can be seen in the presence of the directors “, Ionuţ Mareş said in a statement.

Seven of the nine films are directed by women, and some of them will be screened for the first time in Sfântu Gheorghe.

They were selected: “Forgiveness ticket” (r. Alina Şerban, with: Alina Şerban, Ionuţ Habet, Oana Ştefănescu), “Bucharest seen from above” (r. Andrei Răuţu, with: Marina Voica, Elvira Deatcu, Ştefan Iancu) , „Contraindications“ (r. Lucia Chicoş, with: Nicoleta Lefter and Maria Ploae), „In the night“ (r. Ana Pasti, with: Ana Pasti, Gabor Bondi), „Kaimos“ (r. Sarra Tsorakidis, with: Maria Popistaşu, Simona Popescu, Victoria Cociaş), „Laila“ (r. Raya Al Souliman, with: Ileana Puiu, Mazen Rifai), „Luna mea“ (r. Claudiu Mitcu, with: Dana Rogoz), „Moarte“ (r. Laura Pop, animation), “A prince was riding” (r. Cristina Groşan, with: Silvana Mihai, Cristian Robe).

Anonymous 2020 will take place exclusively outdoors, with a maximum of 400 participants in each screening. Access to the screenings is free and will be possible only based on electronic reservations (tickets with a value of 0), available on eventbook.ro, starting with August 11.

The Anonymous 2020 program includes two short film competitions, Romanian and international, as well as feature film screenings, followed by meetings and dialogues between filmmakers and the public.

More details and the festival program will be announced in the coming weeks.