Nikolas Mijaloliakos: violent, racist and anti-Semitic

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Nikolas Mijaloliakos has been hating those who are not of his condition, an intense and pure Greek, since he was a teenager, when he began to military in extreme right groups. He soon embraced neo-Nazi ideology. He is a fervent anti-Semite who denies the Holocaust and the existence of gas chambers. He admires Adolf Hitler. And also a more than enthusiastic defender of anti-immigration policies. If it were up to him he would sow the borders of Greece with mines.

Extremism and exalted character have always accompanied him and as often happens with this type of character, with a violent profile, has gone through jail in different parts of your life. The last one in 2013, after the murder by members of Golden Dawn, of rapper Pavlos Fyssas, in September of that same year.

Mijaloliakos, knew in his day to take advantage of the discontent generated for the austerity policies imposed by the Troika and applied to Greece after the crisis of 2008. The populist and ultra-nationalist discourse made him win followers of Golden Dawn, a party he founded in the eighties. “Only blood Aryans and descendants of Greeks can be candidates for the party & rdquor ;, he once said

Nazi salute

In 2010 he took over a position on the Athens City Council. He took on international notoriety when he made the Nazi salute, arm raised, in front of the rest of the councilors once he entered the consistory surrounded by thugs. Two years later, the party obtained 6.9% of the votes in the legislative elections, which allowed him to enter Parliament along with twenty other deputies. The murder of Fyssas and the violence unleashed by his followers against the refugees caused Golden Dawn to disappear from the parliamentary arch in the 2019 elections.



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