Niko Hulkenberg proposes to change the format of the weekend

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Formula 1 has long been talking about the need to revise the format of the racing weekend, which consists of two one and a half hours of training on Friday, an hour of training and qualification on Saturday, and races lasting no more than two hours on Sunday. Niko Hulkenberg also calls for a rethinking of this format, reducing the number of training sessions during the weekend.

“I think the current format is too monotonous,” Nico shared his opinion on the Nice Am Stil podcast of the German version of GQ magazine. – In Formula 1, there are too many trainings, which are incredibly monotonous. For ten years you’ve been doing the same thing in copy & paste mode. To be honest, I fell asleep from such a schedule.

I have always liked the format of the junior racing series, when after a short training, qualification began immediately, in which you had to show the result. “

Within a few weeks, Formula 1 will test the two-day format as an experiment. In Imola, the racing weekend will consist of one training and qualification on Saturday and Sunday. The format has been changed in order to give teams additional time to transport vehicles and equipment from Portugal to Italy.



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