Niko Hulkenberg commented on rumors about the contract …

Niko Hulkenberg remains one of the candidates for a spot in Red Bull Racing next season. The German driver took part in the Sport und Talk aus dem Hangar-7 program on the Austrian Servus TV, where he talked about his prospects.

In particular, when Hulkenberg was asked to comment on rumors that he was recently seen in Salzburg, where Helmut Marko’s office is located, Niko joked in his usual manner: “I came to sign a new contract! But seriously, now everything has calmed down. It is impossible to predict when new perspectives will open up in front of you. Last time, the opportunity to drive was unexpected. We understand perfectly well how unpredictable everything is, so I keep myself in good shape.

In many teams, line-up decisions have already been made. This season, I had the opportunity to drive several times, and I used it. I have negotiating assistants, but initially I myself communicate with people and keep in touch. Now I am fully engaged in this issue myself. “

With regard to cooperation with Racing Point, for which he spent three stages this season, Niko replied: “At the moment this work is finished. Nevertheless, I continue to communicate with some engineers, as I have known them for a long time and well. The team made some adjustments to the car after my comments, so I’m wondering what came of it. “



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