On Sunday, Dancing with the Stars saw a stunning and action-packed jive performed by Niklas Hagman and Kia Lehmuskoski.

The dance saw two jumps, among other things. In the first jump, Niklas ran from behind Kia and strained his teacher’s shoulders spectacularly with a branch jump over.

In the second jump, a nearly 100-pound bundle of muscles jumped into Kia’s arms, though not quite. Jumps require not only hard training, but also perfect timing.

Niklas admitted that the jive required really long training hours.

– Five hours every day.

– Until the last meters, there was a lot of grinding. But when the audience goes along, it becomes an extra kick, he continued.

Niklas and Kia had chosen a joyful jive, although a lot of touching dances were seen in the evening due to the Pink Ribbon collection.

– The theme of the evening was very nice and touching. We wanted to do a little happier dancing to get those thoughts a little elsewhere, Niklas said.

The teacher was not excited by the jumping points.

– I trust Nike. In training, I told him you would run towards me and jump.

– I had an easy time, all I had to do was jump and Kia caught me.

Nikke and Kia were again the best couple of the evening. There will be no pressure on them.

– Here we are fighting against ourselves. Always the beginning of the week is challenging, but on Sunday the footsteps somewhere then found. One just has to trust it, Niklas continued.

– We work quite insanely, Niklas has the right motivation. But for free this will not come.

In a week, RTD will dance to the beat of the musicals.

– As a kid, I often watched my mother’s West side story, it’s my favorite musical, Nikke says.

– The choice has already been made next week then really they will be met, but maybe not quite such a drama to see, Kia said.

Dances with the stars on MTV3 on Sundays at 7.30pm.