Nikita Mazepin: The podium in Sochi was special

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Two stages before the end of the season, Nikita Mazepin takes sixth place in the Formula 2 individual standings. In the comments on the official website of the racing series, the Russian driver summed up the weekend in Sochi, during which he climbed to the podium in Sunday’s race.

Nikita Mazepin: “It was great to get on the podium in Sochi in front of my fans. The moment was also special because I was the only Russian driver on the podium this weekend.

The worst moment of the past stage, I would call the choice of an alternative strategy in the first race. We did not know what would be the level of tire degradation, but it turned out that this is a slower strategy for Saturday’s race. In our case, the plan didn’t work. However, this weekend I realized that even if the qualification turned out to be difficult, nothing is lost. You still have a lot of time to fix everything and earn a lot of points. I think I proved it this past weekend.

In Sochi, the riders had a much more difficult time than it might seem from the outside. This is due to the fact that we had to attack as much as possible on each circle. The asphalt in Sochi is very smooth, so the rubber practically did not degrade.

I have a lot of time to prepare for the eleventh and twelfth stages of the season, which will be held in Bahrain. I will treat the pause in the championship as a winter break. I will try to get in the best shape to enjoy the successful end of the season. “



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