Nijhuis after Schmidt criticism: ‘I’m glad I went to see for myself’

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Referee Bas Nijhuis believes that he acted according to protocol in the final phase of Vitesse-PSV and that the criticism of trainer Roger Schmidt is therefore unjustified. The referee whistled for a penalty for PSV after a duel between Jorrit Hendrix and Eli Dasa, but is happy that he could withdraw that decision.

‘I even explained to him in German’

Schmidt was furious with Nijhuis after the Eredivisie match in the GelreDome. According to the German coach of the Eindhoven team, Nijhuis should not have gone to the screen, because there was no clear error but a decision that can be discussed. “This wasn’t 100 percent wrong. Maybe he doesn’t know the rules,” Schmidt said.

Nijhuis countered FOX Sports explains that there was an error because he misjudged the situation. “I saw that the Vitesse defender gave a push against Hendrix. That’s how I called it against the VAR, Danny Makkelie. I told him that I had seen that there was pushed with two hands and that it was therefore a penalty.” But check it out, “I asked Danny.”

“Danny then said that there was contact between the players, but he didn’t see a push with the hands. That’s why I went to look at the images myself and then I clearly didn’t think it was a penalty.”

Referee Bas Nijhuis with PSV trainer Roger Schmidt. (Photo: Pro Shots)

The moment in the final phase was crucial, because PSV lost 2-1 in the GelreDome and thus lost the lead in the Eredivisie.

“That is why it is important that there is good contact between the referee and the VAR at such a moment,” said Nijhuis. “In the end I make the right decision. So I’m glad I went to have a look. And it may be that Schmidt didn’t think it was 100 percent wrong, but it was clear that I judged the situation differently from the VAR.”

Schmidt also said that Nijhuis did not want to talk to him about the situation. “I asked him and all he answered was if I wanted a yellow or red card,” Schmidt said.

Nijhuis denies that. “I explained to him, even in German. But the emotions ran too high. I understand that emotion, but this is the protocol. These are the moments that can be decisive at the end of the season.”

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