Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on Foreign Affairs Mika Niikko (ps) estimates that the President of the United States Donald Trumpin his corona illness, at least initially, negatively affects his campaigning.

– Trump’s election campaign is a bit similar to what is done in basic Finns, ie we go among the people. The illness initially has a rather negative effect on his election work, as he cannot get in the middle of the people. On the other hand, four years have shown that the publicity he has received in a case like this has turned in his favor. Based on this, getting sick can be the path to election success, Niikko says.

He does not believe the Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden receive a special benefit from Trump’s illness.

– Trump still has a mental advantage. Exciting elections are coming, Niikko says.

Would Finland benefit?

Iltalehti met in Niikko, Jyväskylä, where he attended his party’s district events on Saturday and Sunday. In the US presidential election, Niikko hopes to proceed smoothly.

– I hope Trump recovers quickly and is able to continue his presidential campaign. Pretty good power from him was seen in the first argument with Biden. It is a matter of electing the leader of the most influential state in the world, so I would like the election to take place without major problems in one direction or another.

According to Niiko, the Finnish economy could benefit if Trump were not elected president.

– In terms of Finland’s trade relations, there may be a better chance of success in doing more trade if Trump were not the president. This is because he has turned trading quite a bit inward with his America First policy, Niikko analyzes.

Niikko does not believe the outcome of the US presidential election will affect the role of the United States in securing Europe.

– Of course, there have been concerns in Europe that the US focus will shift to Asia and Europe will receive less attention. However, we have a strong confidence that we would still be the little brother of the United States that will be followed if a tight spot comes in Europe. Security guarantees and common interests will remain in the future after the election, regardless of the president, Niikko explains.

Likes Trump

Personally, Niikko says he likes Trump.

– He is a man who strives to fulfill what he promises. Of course, one can disagree on whether his way of acting is always the best, Niikko mentions.

In Trump, Niikko appreciates this way of thinking first about one’s own people in decision-making.

– He defends families, the Christian tradition of his country and dares to defend an individual state, such as Israel, on the individual issue of the location of the embassy.

Niikko points out that Trump has not started any war like previous US presidents.

– He seems to be the first US president to have a fruitful peace process with Israel and other Arab states in the Middle East. I appreciate such stubbornness that someone dares to put everything in order to create peace in the world, Niikko explains.