Nicolás Otamendi was denounced by his ex-partner for not paying his daughter’s food quota and hired Fernando Burlando to fight back

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The National Team player affirmed that “the attacks are unjustified and unfair” and that he always fulfilled “his obligations as a father.”

On his return to Argentina to face the game with the National Team against Ecuador for the South American Qualifiers, the defender Nicolás Otamendi was notified of the complaint that his ex-partner made him in court for not complying with the payment of the food quota with one of his daughters.

Faced with this situation, the Benfica footballer denied the accusation and hired lawyer Fernando Burlando “to stop this harmful exposure that affects my three children, my wife as a mother and my entire family.”

The 32-year-old soccer player was notified of the immigration complaint, before leaving for La Paz to dispute the second date of the South American Qualifiers against the Bolivian national team.

“Unfortunately I am forced to clarify that the attacks that we have received with my family using my daughter as a passive tool they are unjustified and unfair“said the former Manchester City on his official Twitter account.

And he added: “I have always fulfilled my obligations as a father with great love, seeking the best for my daughter, but this exposure of his being, of the family and of myself, crossing out my paternal honor It has a limit that I am going to implore the Justice”.

In this way, Otamendi, who ensures that he always fulfilled his responsibilities, will seek to counteract the demand of his former partner, with whom he had a short relationship and does not maintain any other link other than the daughter they have in common. For her part, the lawyer Ana Rosenfeld was in charge of bringing the lawsuit to court.



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