Nicolás Maduro creates a “secret” command against US “covert actions” in Venezuela

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The Venezuelan president accused Donald Trump of having “placed the DEA and the CIA as operators to attack the country.

President Nicolás Maduro announced on Tuesday the creation of a “secret operations command” that will carry out “intelligence” and “counterintelligence” tasks, designed to neutralize alleged “covert actions” planned by the United States to generate destabilization in Venezuela.

When revealing the creation of the command, which will be coordinated by the presidency, Maduro indicated to the government of Donald Trump of having “posted to the DEA as an operating agency to attack Venezuela “, in addition to approving that” the CIA is involved in covert terrorist operations against Venezuela. “

Therefore, “it is important to take early action (…) we have activated (…) the secret special operations command post, an operations command post, with all the capacity to act anywhere in the country, in real time 24 hours a day, “he said the president during a videoconference broadcast on government television.

“They have given him the green light to the CIA to come with direct agents to covert operations, terrorists, against oil, electrical, military, electoral targets and other covert actions, dirty like those used by the CIA in the world (…) we have already captured an agent who has confessed it , the covert actions “, assured the president.

On September 11, Maduro reported the arrest of an American “spy” identified as Matthew John Heath, who is being prosecuted by the Venezuelan justice for “terrorism”, accused of planning attacks against oil and electricity facilities.

Last August, Americans Luke Alexander Denman and Airan Berry were convicted to 20 years in prison in Venezuela, accused of terrorism, among other crimes, for a failed armed incursion into the Caribbean country last May called Operation Gideon.

Maduro added that they are “activating all the intelligence and counterintelligence mechanisms” to “defend Venezuela” on the way to the parliamentary elections on December 6, boycotted by some thirty parties that make up the majority of the opposition. al consider them a “fraud”.

The president summoned the members of the Bolivarian Militia, a body made up of 4.5 million civilians assigned to the Armed Forces, considered the main support of his government, to be on “maximum alert” before possible conspiracies, a call that he extended to the pro-government militancy.

Earlier, Diosdado Cabello, president of the Constituent Assembly that governs the country and first vice president of the ruling United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV), asked to “report immediately any weird move, of arrival of people who are not from the communities, who do not have a Venezuelan accent, if not a foreign accent. “

This “because we have precise information that part of the instructions given by Mr. (Mike) Pompeo to the nearby lackeys is to bring Colombia’s violence to Venezuela, “said Cabello, referring to a recent tour of the head of US diplomacy in South America in which he insisted on Maduro’s departure.

Caracas frequently accuses Washington of being behind a plot to overthrow Maduro. The White House does not recognize the heir of the late former President Hugo Chávez (1999-2013), after he was re-elected in May 2018 for a second term in “fraudulent” elections.

Source: AFP



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