Nicolás Maduro announced that Venezuela found a medicine that “cancels 100% the coronavirus”

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The Venezuelan president said that the DR-10 molecule kills the virus “without any type of toxicity or negative side effects.”

The president of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, announced that the Venezuelan Institute of Scientific Research (IVIC) found a molecule called DR-10 that kills one hundred percent of the coronavirus “without any type of toxicity that affects healthy molecules to generate negative side effects “.

Through a conference through the state signal, Maduro reported that after six months of investigation, “Venezuela obtained a medicine that cancels the coronavirus one hundred percent“.

The president added that, once the research is certified by the World Health Organization, his country will proceed to prepare, with international alliances, the mass production of the molecule as a cure against the coronavirus.

In this regard, the Minister of Science and Technology of Venezuela, Gabriela Jimenez, explained that the studies arose from a plant with medicinal activities, which was transferred to the IVIC by a group of researchers to initiate a chemical study of its properties.

“The chemical study was started that was monitored through the biological activity in cells infected with the virus isolated from Venezuelan patients Sars-Cov2, from the same viruses that we sequence in the country,” said the minister.

In this sense, he reported that “the active principle of the molecule was identified, it is a derivative of ursolic acid, and this molecule shows one hundred percent inhibition of virus replication in vitro “.

In line with what Maduro said, the Venezuelan Minister of Sciences said that the DR-10 molecule was later “evaluated in healthy cells, without showing toxicity in the doses in which it was faced in the presence of the virus.”

“From there we dedicated ourselves to identifying the chemical structure of the molecule, it is a triterpene derived from ursolic acid, a chemical and molecular study was carried out, including magnetic resonance imaging, carbons and protons to identify the complete structure and all the studies were carried out statistics in the virology laboratory, “said Jiménez.

Finally, the senior Venezuelan government official said that the report “is endorsed by the IVIC and is available to the country’s scientific body and the World Health Organization to start the next activities.”

With information from Xinhua.



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