Nicolás Maduro acknowledges Venezuelan emigration to the UN “for economic reasons”

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Until now, the president denied that reality. And he lashed out once more at the United States.

The president of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, acknowledged this Wednesday, when intervening in the UN General Assembly, the Venezuelan emigration, which his government denied for a long time, and which, he said, occurred “for economic reasons.”

“As a direct consequence of the coercive, unilateral measures and economic aggressions imposed by the United States government on our people, there has been, temporarily, a process of emigration of citizens, fundamentally for economic reasons,” Maduro said in a transmission previously recorded.

At the same time, he again attacked the government of the president of the United States, Donald Trump: “The United States and its government must abandon the old practice of criminalizing those of us who do not subordinate ourselves to their designs in this world and we maintain a policy of independence and sovereignty. It has become the most significant threat to global peace, “said the Chavista president.

He also affirmed that “Venezuela is the victim of a multiform attack by the US empire in the media field, in the political field, in the economic field.”

Despite the fact that the president did not mention any specific number of emigrants who left before the prolonged economic and social crisis that Venezuela is experiencing, the UN has estimated about 5 million people who have had to leave the Caribbean country in search of a better future.

Colombia is the country that has received the most Venezuelans, with about 1.7 million, according to the latest data from the immigration authorities. In addition, the common border was crossed daily by some 35,000 people before the coronavirus pandemic, many of whom came to the Andean country as a transit nation to other destinations or to settle permanently.

However, Maduro assured that Venezuela “faces a wave of voluntary returns” that, according to figures from the Chavista government, is around 70,000, many of which come “from countries with very high levels of contagion” of Covid-19 such as Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Chile or Brazil.

That return, in his opinion, is based on several reasons, among which he cited “the systematic violation of human rights, anachronistic and xenophobic policies” against migrants during the Covid-19 pandemic, which forced them to return to their country. of origin by being unemployed and, therefore, without economic resources.

Until now, the Caracas regime had denied this exodus process towards other countries and even the president of the National Constituent Assembly (ANC), Diosdado Cabello, went so far as to affirm that the photos of migrants across the continent were “a montage.”

“Doesn’t it seem suspicious to you that there are photos in Peru (of Venezuelans) walking along the side of the road? In Ecuador, in Colombia (…) it seems that that was lights, cameras, action. They get them off the buses, no they let them ride and leave them anywhere, they have no choice (but to walk) and that’s the shot they do, “said the one considered number two in Chavismo.

Faced with the current situation of return, the opposition has denounced that the government has prevented the return of thousands of VenezuelansSome of them have been waiting for months in various countries for the Maduro Executive to authorize a flight that allows them to return.

For his part, Maduro wondered “what has been the reaction of the world that says it cares about Venezuela” to the situation of Venezuelans in the world and hinted that there has been corruption among those who are in charge of serving them.

“We wonder how it is possible, despite the huge amounts of dollars that have been given to these governments (of migrant-receiving countries) through extravagant donor-recruitment conferences for Venezuelan migrants, what they did with that money,” the Venezuelan ruler.

And he added another question “Did the governments steal it?”

“We believe that it is necessary to rigorously review (…) the role that some United Nations agencies or some representatives of some agencies have been playing in these processes, such as the office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) or the International Organization for Migration (IOM).

Again, as he did in his previous interventions, denounced the sanctions imposed by the United States on Venezuela and he vindicated the organization of a multipolar world against the “supposed global dictatorship raised from the United States.”


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