“I am very happy to announce the birth of my daughter, Maria-Alexandra, on November 7, 2020, at 20.05. The happy event took place at the Polizu Hospital in Bucharest. My wife, Alina-Maria, and our little girl are perfectly healthy. We live a very special moment in our family and, in the emotions of these moments, we thank with gratitude for the special support and enthusiasm of the Romanians. Thoughts of chosen appreciation for the dedication of the medical staff in these difficult times “, wrote Nicolae of Romania on his Facebook page.

Nicolae of Romania, the nephew of King Mihai, announced on June 1 this year that he will become a father, saying then that his wife, Alina-Maria, is pregnant and will give birth in November. King Michael’s nephew married Alina Binder on September 30, 2018 at St. Elijah’s Church in Sinaia, with 200 guests attending the wedding.

A graduate in 2012 of the Royal Holloway College at the University of London, specializing in management, Nicolae of Romania has since dedicated himself to the cause of Romania, being involved in numerous charitable actions.

Born and raised abroad, he first arrived in Romania in 1992, when he was seven years old, on the occasion of his grandfather’s first visit after the beginning of the 1948 exile.

Regarding the place of baptism, Nicolae of Romania said in an exclusive interview for Adevărul two months ago that “I have not yet chosen a place for baptism, but Curtea de Argeş is one of the options. We must speak not only with His Holiness Calinic, but also in other places. Among the options is Sinaia. I haven’t made a decision yet. There is still time until the baptism, so we have time to consider more places “.

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