The government led by Boris Johnson does not even want to hear this call. The UK will ending the transition period it is within at the end of the year, after leaving europe (EU) with January 31, 2019, a Johnson spokesman reiterated on Monday.

“Our position on the move period is clear. It will end with December 31, this is our place, “the spokesman said.

“We must ratify an agreement before January one, which means time is running out there, and that is why our negotiators continue to keep working harder,” he added.

Britain plus the European Union resumed talks on Tuesday to reach a post-Brexit trade cope, but negotiations remain difficult.

In the absence of an agreement, the two events will guide their trade relationships in accordance with the rules of the World Trade Business.

However, Nicol Sturgeon does not would like to admit Scotland’s exit from the EUROPEAN UNION, especially since its inhabitants have voiced out against Brexit. In these scenarios, the Scottish Prime Minister requires a new referendum on separation through Britain.

An independent Scotland could very well quickly rejoin the European Union, Sturgeon recommended in an interview with Italy’s Los angeles Repubblica on Friday.

“The EUROPEAN UNION would welcome us back swiftly with open arms. We have been within Europe for 40 years, we are really satisfied with the single market, EU expectations and regulations, “said the Scottish Prime Minister.

“We have the right” to a new referendum, Sturgeon claimed.

In Scotland’s first independence referendum in 2014, 55% voted versus secession from Britain.

However, within the 2016 Brexit referendum, a clear bulk (62%) of Scottish voters thought to remain in the EU. Boris Manley doesn’t even want to hear about a brand new referendum.