The Racing Point team had to change their driver line-up again at the last minute. After what Sergio perez missed the two Silverstone appointments due to his contagion of coronavirus, now he has been his partner, Lance Stroll who will not contest the race of GP the Eifel in Nurburgring.

The Canadian, son of the owner of the team that will become Aston Martin in 2021, did not play the third practice session of the German event due, according to the team itself, to the fact that “it didn’t feel 100%” from morning.

Given that the rain prevented filming throughout Friday – leaving behind the long-awaited debut of Mick Schumacher-, this batch was fundamental for all the pilots who had to learn the keys of a circuit in which F1 has not competed since 2013. As the session progressed, the rumor spread that Stroll had given a “inconclusive result” in his mandatory coronavirus test before the weekend.

Racing Point’s solution was to immediately call their ‘fire extinguisher’. Nico Hulkenberg it was near the legendary German track, in Colonia, where he was also going to act as a commentator for German television and was going to have advertising commitments. Having already passed a PCR for this reason, it became the first option.

It was the pilot himself who anticipated the official announcement of the team:

Hulkenberg, considered one of the best drivers on the grid but without a team this year, He already replaced Sergio Pérez in the two Silverstone appointments. In the first he could not race due to a breakdown, after qualifying 13th, and in the second he started from a great 3rd position to finish 7th.