The Jokers faced Avangard Omsk, who led the KHL Eastern Conference, on the outskirts of Moscow in Balashiha. My Canadian Bob Hartleyn the team he piloted had started the season strongly after winning eight fights and being left with only points in 11 matches.

The Jokers led the match twice, but Avangard came to the levels both times and took a 3–2 win in extra time.

Jensen ahneena

The Jokers started scoring after five minutes of play in the second round. Brian O‘Neill and Jordan Schroeder did the preliminary work and Nicklas Jensen finished reading 0-1. The hit had to be checked from the video.

The underpowering of the Jokers has been perfect since the beginning of the season, as the team killed the first 16 underpower situations. The 17th underpower was then too much after the Avant-garde Jegor Chinahov at the end of the beautiful pattern was able to smooth out the readings to 1–1.

The final round had been played for three and a half minutes when Jensen hit his second hit of the evening. O’Neill did the preliminary work again and Jensen twinkled the puck from a small angle Emil garipovin behind.

The Jokers had the opportunity to settle the match after the midfield of the Avangard Sergei Shumakov took a 2-minute block.

The force was not very good, and Shumakov was the first to reach the corner kick, but his header was blocked by the keeper. Anders Lindbäckin.

Just over three minutes before the end of the actual game time with the Jokers defender David Sklenickalla was a great place to kick the Helsinki team again in the lead, but Garipov stretched to the top rescue.

The cooler retaliated

The start of the overtime was perfect for the Jokers, but the goal Lauri Marjamäki the protectors did not produce.

In 62.42, Lindbäck took a 2-minute lead after battling Shumakov, and Avangard got to play four against three. There was 34.2 seconds left in overtime when Chinahov overtook the second goal of the evening and Avangard’s 3-2 win.

The Jokers have played five matches and scored seven of them. The account is also burdened by a 0-5 loss to Dinamo Minsk, condemned by KHL, when the Jokers did not travel to Belarus for the opening match of the season.

The Jokers will meet on Thursday with guests at Severstal Tsherepovets.