Nicklas Bendtner He has produced an autobiography in which, apart from telling his version of how he has squandered the fortune he won in football, he explains some of the ins and outs of the sport. One of them refers to the use of sex workers as a widespread custom, which, according to the Danish, has a somewhat gruesome motif behind it.

On the pages of ‘Both sides‘ensures that many footballers hire prostitutes and do not interact with women without a business relationship to avoid blackmail from them. “Everybody knows someone who has. It’s less risky than flirting with city girls“, explains the ex-footballer of the Arsenal or Wolfsburg among others.

The reason is that, according to him, many of these women approach footballers for economic interests, to the point that they blackmail if required. Bendtner himself gives an example of a situation that happened to him. “A girl I was with she told me I got her pregnant and that there was a price for their silence. Means that you have to pay me for some new tits. I want them to fix it, “confesses the forward, who has played for a Fourth Division team in his country since August. In this case, he paid.

The intense sex life of the footballers was experienced especially in the concentrations with the selection of his country. Remember a specific anecdote, without saying names.

“We weren’t going home until the next day, so once the hotel hallway was quiet, the two of us went to the bar. We talked to some girls and ended up having sex on the slide from the pool. In the next training session, my partner showed up with bright red knees, “he relates.