Hat trick and extra time goal in game seven.

Final Handicap in the decisive conference final.

Dallas Stars is a 24-year-old Finnish newcomer Joel Kiviranta lives his life in the NHL bubble in Edmonton in September. Stars have cleared the way for the Calgary Flames, the Colorado Avalanche and now the Vegas Golden Knights.

The Stanley Cup finals invite.

– Quite a lot of stuff, especially when there are four Finns who have all been able to play in big roles, the mood is good-natured Jere Lehtinen, Dallas Legend and Lions General Manager.

Stars are complemented by the Finnish Quartet Miro Heiskanen, That Lindell and Roope Hintz.

The final place is the first in 20 years for the Texans when Lehtinen was still playing. A year earlier, in 1999, the only Stanley Cup so far in club history that Lehtinen was winning came off.

– Last year I had the feeling that I could joke if they would go to the finals now and win. And it was pretty close.

– This is a continuum of it now.

Cinderella’s story

Heiskanen’s point-making has been wild (21, 5 + 17 = 22), but as an ashtray, the victory is taken by Kiviranta’s breakthrough (8, 4 + 1 = 5). Kerava Shakers’ breeder has hit one of the more important goals just when the Stars have needed them the most.

– No one probably expects Kiviranta to score goals, but that he will do all the other things well, Lehtinen says.

– But only then has he been able to solve the games.

Lehtinen, who played 875 NHL matches at Stars from 1995 to 2010, gives an example of a tie in the Vegas series.

– Yesterday’s (Monday) leveling paint was clearly a finished paint. Many would probably have just pulled straight into the mattress.

The stone beach did not pull on the mattress, but raised a loose piece of paint on the ceiling over the ice crumbled Robin Lehnerin.

The goal was created by superiority.

– It is a great thing for his future that he can be used in different roles. He has shown that side.

See Joel Kiviranta’s goal and match summary. The NHL can be watched on V Sport and Viaplay.

Momentum from Vaasa

– Kiviranta has become a slightly different road, Lehtinen reminds.

The striker from Tuusula played as a junior in the Jokers and received one Finnish Championship league game in the adult season in the 2013–14 season.

When the Jokerit moved to KHL, Kiviranta gained momentum from Vaasan Sport. His perennial coach Tomek Valtosen under, he began to refine and played a pair over 30 points.

In the spring of 2019 Jukka Jalonen unexpectedly chose him for the Finnish World Cup team.

– It came to everyone’s mind that such a guy was found, Lehtinen laughs.

– But he deserved his place and was a really important player in that gang – like everyone else.

The end was history. The “facelessness” of the stone beach is reflected The Story of the Golden Lions 2019 anecdote told in the book: When he popped in his heel after the Games, a familiar bartender asked where he had watched the World Cup final.

– That I was just on the spot or somewhere in my own race studio when I wasn’t seen here, Kiviranta said in the book.

– I showed him the medal and gave him my jersey and said he was drinking, right on the spot. The man was quite embarrassed and apologized. I said no harm, no one else has identified me here.

“Tears, destroys and fights”

Kiviranta was never reserved for the NHL, but only the World Championship and the great World Cup excerpts gave him a two-year contract with the Stars.

Lehtinen believes in a bright future.

– Kiviranta’s style of play and help fit into a small trough, the A national team GM sees.

At 180 centimeters long and weighing 82 kilos, Kiviranta is a nimble, hard-working and strong twist that does not shy away from dueling.

– He tears, tears and fights. He must not be swung in any way, Lehtinen is excited to praise.

– Unless it’s fed by someone taking him harder. And he is as team player as he can be. Good guy. A quiet leader, but there is also a verbal side to it.

“Had a lot of fun”

Jere Lehtinen is a club legend in Dallas, where his game number 26 hangs from the ceiling of the American Airlines Center.

There have been messages from the Stars crowd as the pitcher hunt accelerated.

– When the Finns have succeeded quite well, praise has come from time to time, too, Lehtinen laughs.

– It’s been a lot of fun. Nice to be a little involved in their mood.

The final series starts next week. Will be met by either the Tampa Bay Lightning or the New York Islanders. Lightning will lead the series 3-1 before the fifth match next night.

Lehtinen flags Stars and of course also Leo Komarov For the Islanders.

– It would be amazing if Dallas won and got four champions to Finland at once.