NFF has dealt with ten racism cases in ten years: – Large dark numbers

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The Football Association’s expert in the field, Henrik Lunde, believes that racism is taken very seriously – but that there are probably large numbers in the dark.

Lunde, who is section leader Club and activity in the Development and Activity Department of the Norwegian Football Association (NFF), states that since 2011 ten cases have been processed by the Judgment and Sanctions Committee (9) and by the Appeals Committee (1).

– We do not have an archive with an overview of the entire football in the last ten years. Before this season, however, we made two registration systems just to get an overview, says Lunde.

– One is for the districts – where they must register all cases of violence and threats – and the other is an open warning channel where anyone can report to us if they have witnessed or experienced undesirable events in connection with a football match.

– Is racism taken seriously in football?

– The association, the circles and the clubs have always taken this very seriously. We look at how the circles and clubs react and handle the issues that arise. The circles and clubs do a very good and important job. It is easier to capture top football with cameras, guards and so on, Lunde answers – and adds:

– Unfortunately, there are large dark numbers at levels during senior football and in youth football, as it is more difficult to catch. But we are experiencing a greater and greater awareness of this – as the warning channels show by people saying so.

– NFF’s focus and work with fair play, which is to prevent unwanted incidents and ensure a safe and good environment, has been going on for many years and is a continuous work at all levels.

– How are complaints handled?

– Cases are processed first in the districts. If, after their treatment, they believe that a more severe punishment should be imposed than 6 matches / 3 months, it is sent to NFF for consideration in the judgment and sanctions committee. Before going there, they consult with the legal section of the NFF. And any complaint goes to the appeals committee.

Here are the ten cases that have been dealt with since 2011 – by the NFF committees. As we see, several of them ended in acquittal:

* 2019: Vålerenga Football was reported on the basis of the behavior of a VIF supporter during a Toppserie match between LSK Women and Vålerenga Football. During the match, the supporter is said to have shouted “go home, your pussy” and “go home, your cock sucker” to the match’s main referees and assistant referees, both of whom were of foreign origin.


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