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Superstar of Paris Saint-Germain Neymaria threatens a seven-match ban, according to French RMC Sport. The case is pending disciplinary proceedings.

– Aggressive action outside the game that does not cause injury to an opponent can result in a seven-match ban, RMC says According to the Daily Mail.

If Neymar’s Sunday attack is interpreted as an “attack attempt,” the ban is a maximum of six matches.

The French professional football disciplinary body is also investigating Neymar’s allegations that Álvaro González used racist language. If a Marseille topper is found guilty, a ban on play can be as long as ten matches.

The incident in question took place on Sunday night in the French Ligue 1 summit PSG-Marseille. The match got completely out of hand with extra time.

Neymar drifted into a fierce word with Marseille defender Álvaro. In the following situation, Layvin Kurzawa of PSG lost his nerve and racked up the away team player ugly.

Tempu started a mass brawl, which resulted in three red cards being dealt to PSG and two to Marseille.

Completely furious, Neymar hit Álvaro with the back of his hand. The brass star accused Álvaro of leaving the field for racist comments.

The brawl continues

Neymar continued his eruption later on Twitter.

– I only regret not hitting that asshole in the face, Neymar wrote on Twitter referring to Álvaro.

– It’s easy to notice my actions from VAR, but now I want to see the videos where he called me a “fucking monkey”! Neymar continued.

Álvaro continued to forge sabers by describing Neymar as a “bad loser” on social media. He admitted denied racism charges.

– There is no room for racism. Sometimes you just have to learn to lose and put up with it on the field. A stunning three points today, he tweeted and posted a picture of the team.

Neymar, on the other hand, threw a counter-ball again.

– Insults and bringing racism into our lives, no, I do not agree. I don’t respect you! You have no character! Racist.

If the tweet is not visible, you can look its here.