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The big clubs PSG and Marseille faced on Sunday night in the French League round. Marseille won 1-0, but the extra time for the match caused the biggest headlines.

In overtime, as many as five players received a red card. One of those expelled was a brass star from PSG Neymar, who drifted into a showdown with a Marseille defender Álvaro Gonzálezin with.

Neymar shook Álvaro’s hand to his back of his head. The situation was watched on video, after which a red card came to Neymar. Leaving the field, Neymar shouted into the microphones that “Álvaro is a racist”.

Neymar continued to grind on Twitter, claiming the Spanish defender called him a “fucking monkey”. On Monday, Álvaro denied allegations of racism and continued to call the sabers, describing Neymar as a “bad loser”.

The situation eventually escalated in Brazil. Contact information for Álvaro and his family members was disseminated around the Internet, including on social media.

Marseille published a bulletin on its website condemning the actions against the Spanish.

– Álvaro González is not a racist, it has been clear since he has represented the club, and so have teammates. The club has worked with the Disciplinary Committee to investigate the events that ended the match.

– The case has had serious consequences. The Society strongly condemns the sharing of telephone numbers between Álvaro González and his family on Brazilian media and social media. It has caused serious harassment, such as death threats.

Neymaria is threatened with a seven-match ban, according to French RMC Sport. The case is pending disciplinary proceedings.

– Aggressive action outside the game that does not cause injury to an opponent can result in a seven-match ban, RMC reports according to the Daily Mail.

If Neymar’s Sunday attack is interpreted as an “attack attempt,” the ban is a maximum of six matches.