The Brazilian soccer player of Paris Saint-Germain, Neymar, appears for the first time in the list of defaulters of the Ministry of Finance, with a debt of 34.6 million euros, being the first natural person in volume of debt on the entire list, thus unseating businessman Agapito García Sánchez from the first place, with 15.97 million, the same figure as last year.

Among the prominent characters that remain on the list is, for the second year, the former motorcycling champion Sito Pons, which owes 1.95 million euros, the same as in the previous list, and others such as the former Barça and Zaragoza playerGabriel Milito continues to owe the Treasury 1.8 million euros, while the businessman and former president of Valencia CF, Vicente Soriano Serra, now owes something more (1.38 million euros).

These are some of the prominent names collected in the list of defaulters published this Wednesday by the Treasury for having, as of December 31, 2019, debts with the Tax Administration exceeding one million euros, and which are neither postponed nor suspended for any legally foreseen reason.

The list of defaulters of the Treasury it is abandoned in cases where debtors reduce their debt below one million euros, even if it approaches that figure, or for other cases such as cancellations due to collection or prescription or final insolvency, among others, without prejudice to the fact that they may appear again later.

Similarly, the former president of Real Madrid Lorenzo Sanz stops appearing on the list after his death last March because of the coronavirus.