Neymar reveals list of celebrities who stayed and talks about Bruna Marquezine: ‘I loved it, it’s gone’

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Neymar opened the game about his love life in an interview with Matheus Mazzafera’s YouTube channel. In the “think, catch and step” joke, the Paris Saint-Germain player revealed a list of celebrities who already got involved and reacted when they came across the name of Bruna Marquezine, his ex-girlfriend and who ended the relationship exactly two years. “This one has no P in the answer for her. I already loved it and it was already,” he commented, the target of racism on the field in a game against Olympique Marseille.

Neymar admits to having stayed with Gio Lancelloti: ‘Caught again’

Neymar admitted to having stayed with Anitta, but says it was history of the past. “She is my friend. We already caught up, but today we became friends,” he explained. The two were recently reunited by Ibiza, on the holidays of the playmaker and his wife’s Eurotrip. Giovanna Lancellotti has always been the subject of speculation by netizens when it comes to Neymar’s affair. “I take Gio a lot,” he said, laughing. “I already got it, but today we are friends”, he clarified. “But I’ll get it again,” he mused, laughing.

Neymar says Cleo is ‘dream’ and dismisses Manu Gavassi

Neymar said that Cleo is “classic” and his “dream since childhood”, while Manu Gavassi was dismissed by him in the joke. “Step,” he declared. The interpreter of “It must be horrible to sleep without me” is one of the best friends and has projects with her ex Bruna Marquezine. Rafaella Santos’ brother, in the middle of the game, said he was more relaxed. “I’m getting old, it was this thing of getting it. It’s over. Now I’m more relaxed,” he warned.

PSG player has already been with MC Mirella and Tati Zaqui

In the funk universe, Neymar declared to be a friend of Jojo Todynho and said to think about MC Mirella, the two are confined in the 12th season of “A Fazenda”. “My friend too, but I already got it,” she admitted. Another MC is Tati Zaqui. The player said he thought, but the romance was already revealed by her in an interview: “We stayed. I was single and he was too. It was good. I just didn’t speak at the time because he was in Brazil and everything he did became news. I denied that I stayed in order not to say that I wanted fame on him.

Neymar denies affair with Zé Felipe’s ex: ‘I never caught’

Neymar ended the rumors of affair with Isabella Arantes, former fiancé of Zé Felipe. “She’s my friend, damn it. I never took it and I would think because we were friends. To ruin what friendship is, sometimes it’s not worth it. At Isa, I would think,” he explained. Recently, the player exchanged pins about the countryman’s courtship with Virgínia Fonseca and raised controversy on social networks. Gabi Martins and Aline Riscado entered the list of Ney’s “Penso”, while Carol Peixinho is within his approval. “Caught,” he added. In the end, he minimized: “Guys, don’t take it seriously. It’s just to relax”

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