Neymar, on fire against Álvaro: “He called me ‘monkey son of a bitch’; I regret not having hit him in the face”

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The Brazilian accused the Spaniard from Olympique de Marseille of being a racist, who he hit from behind, for which he was sent off in the French League.

The classic between Paris Saint Germain and Marsella Olympic ended in punches between the players and five expelled. Neymar was one of them, when he hit Álvaro González on the neck. “I hit him for being racist”, said the Brazilian as he left the field. But immediately on Twitter it was very hard: “He called me ‘monkey son of a bitch’; I’m sorry I didn’t hit that asshole in the face“.

The PSG forward was taken out on the court against his rival. And in his account on the social network he expanded: “The VAR shows my ‘aggression’. Now I want to see the image of the racist calling me ‘MONO SON DE PUTA’ (motherfucker monkey, in Portuguese). I want to see that. “

The party’s climate was heated from the start, but no one expected such a level of aggressiveness and less racism, as reported by Neymar.

During the first half hour, PSG had control of the game and also the possibilities. But the game was going to change abruptly in the 31st minute, when from a stopped ball, the visitor took an advantage. Payet’s free kick for Florian Thauvin alone to open the scoring.

At 33 minutes, a foul without a ball by Álvaro on Ángel Di María led to a spit by the Argentine and the reaction of the entire local team. Both on and off the court.

Neymar copó the stop and to the shout of “Racism, no”, blamed the Spanish footballer for the interdict. A personal duel that was not going to stop there and that at the end of the classic was going to unleash the scandal and embarrassment that was experienced.

With 20 minutes remaining, Paredes entered for Verratti and with one minute on the court, he saw the yellow card: kick from behind to Payet. But that was not going to be the only action against the most booed French of the night. Two minutes later, it was Di María who also tried to do her own justice and gave her a murra at the wheel of Olympique. Another yellow.

The final minutes were a carbon copy of what happened in the first half: excessive kicks, discussions in bulk and PSG out of their boxes and without clarity to seek the tie. Thus, the locals collided with their own impotence.

In additional time, the verbose duel between Neymar and Alvaro González rose in tone; and added to another interdict between Paredes and Benedetto in the middle of the field, it made everything go out of his senses.

The little personality of the referee and the pulsations to full they did the rest and ended up punching. With runs between the players themselves and an embarrassment with five reds: Neymar (“I hit him for being a racist,” he said when he left), Leandro Paredes, Darío Benedetto, Layvin Kurzawa and Jordan Amavi. And a pitiful sight.



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