Neymar leads the list of debtors of the Spanish Treasury with a millionaire debt

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The Paris Saint Germain footballer is the natural person with the highest volume of delinquency before the collecting agent of the Spanish state. Among those targeted is Gabriel Milito.

The Brazilian footballer of Paris Saint Germain and former Barcelona player, Neymar, appears for the first time on the list of defaulters of the Ministry of Finance of Spain, with a debt amounting to 34.6 million euros (about $ 40.5 million).

In that way, the 28-year-old is the individual with the highest volume of debt in the entire list, thus displacing the controversial businessman Agapito García Sánchez, who owes 15.97 million, the same figure as last year.

Among the prominent figures that remain in red are, for the second year, the former motorcycle champion Sito Pons, who owes 1.95 million euros, the same as in the previous list, and the former president of Banesto Mario Conde, who reduced his debt to 12.37 million.

Also following is María Paz Campos Trigos, the real name of the actress Paz Vega, who owes 2.63 million euros, more than the 2.49 million she owed the previous year; and the presenter Patricia Conde, with a debt of more than 1.88 million euros, up from 1.83 last year.

In addition, there is the former soccer player and former coach of Estudiantes de La Plata, Gabriel Milito, who owes 1.8 million euros.

These are some of the prominent names included in the list of defaulters published this Wednesday by the Treasury for having, as of December 31, 2019, debts with the Tax Administration exceeding one million euros.

The list of defaulters of the Treasury is abandoned in cases in which debtors reduce their debt below one million euros, even if it approaches that figure, or for other cases such as cancellations due to collection or prescription or definitive insolvency, among others, without prejudice to the fact that they may reappear afterwards.

Among the companies that remain in the red and significantly increased their debt is the promoter Nozar, with a debt of 215.1 million; Isolux Corsán, with 329.6 million, increasing by 13.8 million, and Desguaces La Torre, with 21.4 million, increasing by 3 million.

With information from DPA.


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