He return of Neymar The competition after having overcome the coronavirus occurred in a game that ended with five sent off, including himself, and a great fight on the field.

Among the reasons for this mess, which culminated in PSG’s second defeat, was the Brazilian’s hitch with Alvaro Gonzalez in the countryside. One of the images of the match was the spit that Neymar hit him to the Spanish, something very dangerous in the context of the pandemic and more so when he has passed the disease.

There is a reason behind this reaction: according to Neymar, González called him “monkey son of a bitch”. She has explained it on twitter, in two very clear messages. “I only regret not having hit that fool in the face,” he said as soon as the meeting ended and then added his version: “That the VAR captures my” aggression “is easy, but now I want to see the image of this racist calling me “Monkey son of a bitch.” I want to see that! “

Neymar now risks a serious penaltyNot only because of the expulsion, but because he left the field applauding the referee (which can be considered contempt) and for the subsequent words towards González.