Without a doubt, technological innovations The ones we now enjoy in a car, compared to the ones we had in the early years of this decade, have brought great evolutions in all aspects of our daily lives, including driving.

It is transforming the driving experience, making it safer and more convenient. The challenge is how to implement these innovations and advances without saturating with gadgets that can produce an effect contrary to what is intended, but in any case it is a kind of transition for what the future presents us.

Considering what has happened in the last two decades, and how quickly things change under the exponential progress of technology, 20 years from now the cars will be something very different, much more sustainable and will not need a driver to manage them.

The roads will also change, they will communicate with the vehicles and they will even be able to charge them with energy wirelessly while they circulate, but this will require a huge investment on the part of the administration … if they bet on it.