Nexon – Apparel Store Multipurpose Responsive WooCommerce WordPress Theme

Looking to purchase Nexon, a versatile WooCommerce WordPress theme designed for online apparel stores. It is fully responsive and guarantees an excellent user experience on all devices.

Nexon: The Ultimate Apparel WordPress Template

Are you looking for a stunning, responsive and SEO-optimized WordPress template to showcase your apparel range? Look no further than Nexon. Designed specifically for fashion boutiques and online businesses, this template is packed with powerful features that will take your website to the next level.

Key Features of Nexon

With two unique homepage layouts (and more on the way), Nexon offers unparalleled customization options. It’s also fully WooCommerce compatible, allowing you to easily set up an e-commerce store that can handle all your sales needs.

Other key features include:

Magik Infinite Scroller plugin for WooCommerce Product Category Page – allows customers to browse through products effortlessly without having to load new pages.

Magik Woo Ajax Search plugin for Autocomplete Product Searchbox – provides instant search results as they start typing in the search box.

Mega menu – create custom menus with ease using our mega menu feature!

Grid/List view & 3 different shop page layouts- give customers multiple ways of viewing products so they can find what they are looking for quickly and easily!

Best Seller/New Products/Featured products on home page – highlight best-selling items or new arrivals directly on your homepage!

WooCommerce Currency Switcher plugin free version integrated into theme – allow international customers from around the world purchase in their preferred currency without any hassle or confusion whatsoever!.

Child Theme Ready – customize everything about nexon by creating child themes right within it’s framework!.

SEO Optimized Header Dropdown shopping cart Back To Top Button Powerful Admin Panel Valid XHTML & CSS markup FAST Support & Updates Cross Browser Support (IE 9+, Safari, Mozilla Firefox) Compatible with Major multi-vendor plugins like Dokan WC Vendors WC Marketplace MC4WP: Mailchimp Contact Form WP Cache W3 Total Cache WPML qTranslate X Transposh Loco Translate YITH WooCommerce Gift Cards Yoast WordPress SEO

Customer Reviews

Our satisfied customer base attests how much satisfaction we derive from providing high-quality templates tailored towards satisfying all types of user-friendly experiences while keeping performance at its peak levels throughout daily operations. Customers have praised how easy it is navigate around our site interface; which makes finding exactly what one wants effortless! Our support team has garnered praises too thanks largely due diligence across every interaction made possible via phone call correspondence email chats etcetera helped provide quick solutions making sure everyone enjoys seamless workflow processes when utilizing our product offerings whether just starting out building websites ecommerce platforms multivendor marketplaces etcetera regardless skill level required tasks involved therein being carried out efficiently effectively timeously well-informed manner always ensuring same-day responses where necessary resolving issues promptly leaving nothing but happy clients behind them every step along way forever coming back again after such amazing treatment received first time round loving each experience even more than last remembering why chose us over other providers competitors alike because truly unmatched value proposition unbeatable pricing highest quality standards great attention detail given minutest aspects development process undergone by teams working tirelessly behind scenes bring forth deliverables second none industry today!.

Theme Update History Version 5.3 – May 24th ,2022 NEW FEATURES ADDED…
The latest update includes several enhancements including support compatibility updates alongwith bugfixes related styling issues encountered earlier versions awaiting fixes resolve those problems once all now resolved accordingly bringing stability reliability trustworthiness forefront enabling users focus running successful business operations smoothly seamlessly transition stages growth phases whenever need arises knowing full well software powering their endeavors designed perform optimally regardless situation circumstances may arise during course utilization thereof entirely future-proofed cutting-edge technology staying ahead curve constantly adapting changes trends occurring digital landscape surrounding modern day commerce transactions online global scale!

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