News from hoy, lunes, june 29, 2020

The parliamentary speaker of CS, Edmundo Bal.

1.- Edmundo Bal: “If the government raises the table of truth it will be difficult to continue negotiating”

The deputy spokesman for Cs considers that “the management of the government has been very small”, but his party has said “it is correct to agree”.

2.- The ‘Dina case’ uncovers six of the internal ‘cloacas’ in We can

The investigation into the robo ham of the plate of the former adviser of Pablo Iglesias culminates in intrigue and power gains.

3.- The pensions of retired people grow at a rate of 10% in the midst of a crisis and surpasses 1,400 euros

The extraordinary increase contrasts with the situation of workers and private workers, which must face a very complex economic context and are not limited, not least, to an ERE.

4.- Giorgio Gori, Alcalde de Brgamo: “We make the situation worse. We are wrong”

The Italian city council, one of the epicenters of the pandemic, recalls its fall behind the principle of confinement. And he warns about his location: “I think there are 500,000 coronavirus infected people”.

5.- The Falcon by Pedro Snchez and the avin del Rey become a UCI

The VIP planes of the Gobierno and the Casa Real: at the end of the day, a Falcon can deliver with the necessary to evacuate critically ill people. El Airbus del Rey, in six hours.

6.- The high price Ana Ana Quintana has paid (and others) in a state of alarm

101 of the coronavirus alarm status and 101 of the televisin haciendo. Ms all of the polemics, which have been plump, Ana Rosa Quintana, Pablo Motos and Jorge Javier Vzquez have not been easy.



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