Yle’s news anchor Pia Pasanen is a school of at least hundreds of live broadcasts. Now there is also experience on the big screen. He is in a small speaking role in the film Forest giant. The film, which recently premiered, has been nominated for a Golden Globe Award in several categories.

– A small scene, but still a talking role, Pasanen said at the launch of the new collection Yvette x Pernilla Böckerman on Tuesday at Box by Post.

In the scene, Pasanen is in the role of a journalist.

– I’m interviewing Jussi Vatasen presented by a protagonist who is practicing appearing in front of the media. A funny idea that a person in the field wanted to be involved in that type of situation. I got to be in my own comfort zone.

He had the experience of getting to see the work of film professionals. Seeing oneself on the big screen also increased my understanding of Actors.

– I am not surprised that many who made a lot of movies did not look at their own movies. It is merciful, that I actually got to do live broadcasts without seeing them for yourself! he says with a laugh.

Occasionally, Yle is asked for permissions. stuff related to movies and various news events. The news clip anchored by Pasasen ended up in a Talvivaara-themed film Giant.

– It’s a comic that I happen to flash in the movies Metsäjätti and Jättiläinen. What could be the next large-scale name? he throws in amusement.