A newborn baby was found at the airport in Doha, the capital of Qatar, in early October. At the same time the authorities noticed the child left in the toilet, flight Q908 of the local Qatar Airways was ready to leave for Sydney.

Officers stopped preparations for departure and forced 13 Australian women to leave the plane.

– They were taken somewhere in the basement, and no one told me what it was really about. They were then told to take off all their clothes and the doctor examined the uterus and lower abdomen to see if it was she who had recently given birth, Wolfgang Babeck said The Guardianille.

However, the authorities’ emergency response did not produce the desired result because the investigation did not reveal the newborn mother. Instead, the Australian government quite strongly condemned coercive measures against its citizens.

– We are very concerned about the inappropriate behavior of some female passengers at Doha Airport, a Foreign Ministry spokesman said.

– The government has formally communicated its concerns to the Qatari authorities and the matter will be addressed through diplomatic channels.

Some women have reported a crime. Foreign minister Marise Payne also called on the Qatari ambassador to be hanged.

Authorities have assured that the newborn baby will be fine.

– He is currently safe with social workers. Admittedly, doctors are concerned about his mother and ask that he contact him before leaving the country.

Sex is prohibited outside of marriage under Qatari law. Because of this, many children born out of wedlock are left in public places because otherwise their mothers would face imprisonment.

– I have never heard anything like this in any context. This is a completely incomprehensible case, Payne updated.