New York, NY: Gray skies and bright red sun: This is unprecedented

Over it, a gray veil hangs. The Big AppleYou are safe. New York City is experiencing terrible air quality Wednesday due to the toxic particles that were released by wildfires in Canada and the US west coast.

They are the New York Post and BBC, The Guardian and The Guardian.

“The smoke has traveled thousands of miles to the east, leaving a thick layer of dust over New York,” according to the New York Post. Tuesday evening saw the sun turn bright red.

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Berkeley Earth reported that the air quality index was 157. This is higher than the 100 which indicates health risks. The values ​​peaked far above the World Health Organization’s numbers that indicate what is healthy.

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People who are vulnerable, such as elderly people or pregnant women, may have difficulty breathing. Watery eyes and irritation of the throat could also be possible.

13 US states along the West Coast were affected by wildfires that erupted in total. Canada is also experiencing difficulties.

USA Today’s David Lawrence, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service, stated that “we see that many fires generate a large amount of smoke.” “By the time that smoke has reached the east, it is usually diluted. Now, there is just so much smoke in our atmosphere.

According to George Pope, Montclair State University professor of environmental studies, “This is quite unusual. I don’t recall anything like it.” The Guardian was told by Pope. He cannot see Manhattan’s tall skyscrapers from his New Jersey home. “You can actually always see the skyline, at least a silhouette, even if it is foggy. This is unseen.”

The air quality seems to be slightly better than the previous measurements but not above critical levels.



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