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Amid new midrangers and a new smart speaker Google announces its New Chromecast in parallel with Google TV. What is Google TV? It is a new television interface that plans to retire Android TV within two years. For now, it will be an exclusive platform for the newest of the Chromecasts.

The design of the new Chromecast is as we expected: a soap bar design with its own remote control matching color and design. And if that were not enough, Google has taken the detail of coordinating the color of the AAA batteries that come in their packaging with that of each respective model the New Chromecast.

New Chromecast details

The remote control of this New Chromecast has nine buttons and a touch wheel. The wheel and its respective central button is all we will need to navigate the Google TV interface or that of any Google app, for that matter. This wheel is also the one that we will use to raise and lower the volume.

The rest of the buttons are explained by their logos but, when in doubt, here are their purposes: a button dedicated to starting Netflix, another to starting YouTube, a button to return to the Home screen, a button to go back our selection, a button to see all the apps on our smartTV, a button to mute the volume, a button to call Google Assistant and, finally, the mandatory volume to turn the device on and off.

The twist is that the YouTube button can be held down to remap it. What options will we have when we remap this button? Not many, but enough to be noteworthy. Instead of starting YouTube, we can ask you to start YouTubeTV, YouTube Kids or YouTube Music. Once the option is chosen, it will remain until we want to change it again.

Google announces its new Chromecast with 2GB of RAM, 4GB of internal storage, support for HDR10 + image, support for Dolby Vision and also support for 4K content, an option that we have been waiting for years from these Google devices. And all at a price as affordable as US $ 50 and in colors “Snow” (“Snow”), “Sunrise” (“Dawn”) and “Sky” (“Sky”).

But perhaps the ace up the sleeve of this entire presentation is Google TV. It is a new Android based smart TV software that is more than just a new UI. Although it incorporates an interesting detail such as UI, precisely: that of ordering all our services of streaming of multimedia content on the same screen.

To mention a few, Google TV is compatible with Netflix, Hulu, HBO +, Amazon Prime Video, Disney +, and several more. When looking for any series or movie in our Google TV search engine, it will be in charge of searching all the services that we have contracted to save us the cumbersome parade of leaving one platform to go to the other in search of what we want.

Google TV also comes to replace Google Play Movies and incorporate it into its own interface. All our movies previously purchased in said app will now be available in the newest of these softwares.

Finally and as a most outstanding detail, Google TV offers a new function called Watchlist that allows us to select the content of any of our services from streaming to put it on a “Watch Later” list. So we will no longer forget those casual recommendations that arise in conversations with friends.


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