New relationship! Rafaella Santos engages romance with Gustavo Mioto, says column

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Rafaella Santos and Gustavo Mioto are experiencing a new romance. Without labels in the relationship, the couple is getting to know each other better and spending a few moments together, according to columnist Fábia Oliveira. The singer, who recently broke up with actress Thaynara OG, visited Neymar’s sister at the influencer’s home in São Paulo last week. The relationship was not confirmed by the two. Recently, the businesswoman had a name involved in rumors of reconciliation with the former Gabigol.

Rafaella Santos and Gustavo Mioto appear in photos of friends

Rafaella Santos and Gustavo Mioto already show the relationship to close friends like Yasmin Santos. On social networks, the singer even gave more evidence of the couple’s romance by sharing photos with the two. On the occasion, Neymar’s sister published a story alongside the artist and, on the same day, she posted a click with the composer.

Rafaella Santos’ advice does not confirm the relationship

The news that Rafaella Santos and Gustavo Mioto was given by the column of Fábia Oliveira, however the business adviser did not confirm the involvement. “No. She is not meeting anyone. She is very involved with her new project that you will soon know”, said the spokesman.

Thaynara OG confirms breakup with Gustavo Mioto

Gustavo Mioto put an end to the relationship with Thaynara OG in August 2020, after resuming in February. The information was confirmed by the actress herself, at the time of the separation. “In fact, we are no longer together and I think that, like other couples, we have given our relationship chances and, after trying a few times, we have come to the point of recognizing that the best decision is for each one to follow his path. I respect history very much. I lived with him. Besides, I have affection and support for him and for the whole family that always treated me well “, he warned.

Rafaella Santos shows respect after end of relationship with Gabigol

Rafaella Santos officially ended the relationship with Gabigol, in January 2020. Affirming that she has been single since then, Neymar’s sister highlighted the respect after the breakup. “Stop associating with Gabriel, stop marking me in the things that he has, because I have nothing to do. I hope you understand in some way. Regardless of that and above all, my affection and my respect for him continue. I really hope he is happy, just as I am sure he wants it for me “, he warned.

(By Ana Clara Xavier)


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