New Rekdal loss – crushed by Strømmen in the bottom settlement

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(Strømmen-HamKam 3-0) The “Rekdal effect” has slowed down Hamar. After two straight losses, HamKam is the jumbo and has four points up to a safe place.

On Monday night, Strømmen won 3-0 in the “six-point match”.

Kjetil Rekdal opened with 1-1 against Grorud in his first match as HamKam boss. It continued with a strong away win against SandnesUlf, a loss at home against leading Tromsø, before there was another strong away win against Stjørdals-Blink. But then there was another loss of home when Innlandet neighbor Raufoss was visiting.

Thus, Rekdal stands after six games with three losses, two wins and one draw, a total of seven points. If we make a “Rekdal table”, it means number nine of 16 teams this period – before Tromsø and Lillestrøm meet on Tuesday.

HamKam captain Steinar Strømnes had just left the field with an injury and was replaced by debutant Erik Olaf Krohnstad (18) when Strømmen made it 1-0 after 37 minutes in the first half.

Right-back Sverre Bjørkkjær saw that the HamKam defense was open like a barn door, and Kjell Rune Sellin made no mistake alone with goalkeeper Lars Jendal.

HamKam’s Adeleke Akinyemi got a goal canceled right after the break, but then Strømmens Sellin came for another visit – and got a penalty kick. Krohnstad was the culprit.

Youssef Chaib scored on Strømmen’s first penalty of the season – and his fourth in 2020.

Then HamKam’s defense again revealed its big shortcomings when Kjell Rune Sellin scored his second goal of the evening. Thus, Strømmen won 3-0.


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