Became known in New York social circles Stephanie Winston Wolkoff has unveiled a new audio tape to hear her and the first woman in the United States Melania Trumpin discussion. Iltalehti spoke about previous similar recordings here.

With the new audio tape, Melania Trump refers to a porn actress Stephanie Cliffordiin, known by the artist name Stormy Daniels, with the word “porn whore”.

– Googlaamaan se. Annie Leibovitz described that porn whore. porn hooker), and he will be in one of the magazines [Voguessa], Trump is heard saying.

– What do you mean? Wolkoff asks.

– Stormy, Trump says.

Clifford has said he has had sex Donald Trumpin before Trump was elected President of the United States. Donald Trump has denied the relationship. However, Clifford has been paid silence money for concealing the case, which was played by a former Trump attorney. Michael Cohenin receiving a three-year prison sentence.

The conversation was about Daniels and his lawyer at the time Michael Avenattin from an interview-based story that appeared Voguessa in August 2018. Leibovitz is a photographer known for his intimate portraits of public figures.

A recording of the situation was published as part of MEA culpa podcast, hosted by the aforementioned Michael Cohen.

The story continues after the pictures.

Wolkoff is currently marketing Melania and Me Melania and I, in which she tells the story of Melania Trump. Wolkoff justifies the publication of the recordings on self-defense, as the White House would seek to present the matter in such a way that the allegations made in the book are untrue.

Wolkoff has worked at the White House as an assistant to Melania Trump. He left the White House in February 2018 at a time of donald Trump’s inauguration fundraising uncertainties. The company, founded by Wolkoff, received nearly $ 26 million in money, he says New York Times.

Source: Guardian