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Argentina notified this Thursday 17,096 new infections by COVID-19, which meant a new record of daily cases since the pandemic began seven months ago, which has already left a total number of 949,063 affected in the country.

In its daily evening report, the Ministry of Health reported that 350 people died in the last 24 hours as a result of the new coronavirus, and deaths total 25,342.

Argentina became last Wednesday the fifth country in the world with the most cases of COVID-19 detected, according to the Johns Hopkins University Coronavirus Research Center.

The most affected regions

The province of Buenos Aires, the richest and most populated district in the country, continues to lead the regions with the most confirmed cases so far (486,250, 5,756 in the last 24 hours), followed by the country’s capital, with 137,891 confirmed cases, 830 of them notified today.

The province of Buenos Aires and the city of Buenos Aires went from concentrating more than 90% of new cases of COVID-19 in May, to represent less than a third today due to the strong increase in the last two months of infections in various provinces in the interior of the country.

In the last hours, the jurisdictions that reported the most cases were the province of Santa Fe (east center), which had 2,659 new cases and the central Córdoba, which added 2,082 infections, while Tucumán (north) appeared behind them, with 1,494 cases.

Hospital occupation

Regarding the number of interned in units of intensive care, there are currently 4,278 people admitted with a confirmed diagnosis of COVID-19.

In that sense, the percentage of bed occupancy of intensive therapy for all types of pathologies is 64.4% nationwide, 0.3 percentage points more than yesterday.

In the case of Buenos Aires and its populous urban belt, which make up the metropolitan area of ​​Buenos Aires – the region hardest hit by the pandemic in Argentina-, the percentage of internees is 64.7 percent, 1.2 percentage points more than the previous day.

New social measures

In the last 24 hours, the health authorities carried out 27.662 test And since the outbreak of the coronavirus in the country, 2.31 million diagnostic tests for this disease have already been performed, which is equivalent to 50,934.4 samples per million inhabitants.

The Argentine Government announced last Friday that it maintains the isolation measures and mandatory distancing depending on the epidemiological situation of each district, restrictions that will be in force, at least, until next October 25.



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