New patent emerges for Apple’s flexible display design

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In the past days we saw how a patent of Apple for a flexible display which meant that the forbidden apple company was beginning to take its first steps towards the market for foldables currently dominated by Samsung. But it seems that Apple is also developing roll-out displays.

At least one of them. New patents found by the site Apple Insider a unique and curious iPhone design with a flexible screen that would be separated by a hinge that, instead of rotating, separates. That means the display can’t just be folded, it has to be rolled up to make the design work.

Everything indicates that by 2021 Apple will launch its first foldable

Apple does not usually enter the competition of technologies that are in the early stages of development unless it has an alternative proposal in its hands. And although it is not the first time that we have heard of patents for rolling screen smartphones, it is the first time that we have heard of this type of displays coming from Apple.

Recall that in another of Apple’s patents we saw a flexible OLED panel covered by a material that could regenerate itself when connected to a charger. We don’t know it well but a priori these technologies would not be mutually exclusive and thus, little by little, a flexible cutting-edge iPhone is formed.

Apple is developing roll-out displays that, as always when it comes to patents, could end up being a device or not. But the important thing is to see the North American company being proactive in the search for new technologies and new designs to reach the market of the foldables still depopulated with solid competition.

Of course, at the same time, Samsung will seek to establish itself as the main manufacturer of folding phones. The only advantage Apple has in this regard is its ever-present creativity and optimization of the software and hardware of all its mobile devices. Hopefully your creativity will get you a revolutionary design.

Source: Apple Insider


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