Former top goalkeeper and SM League club Pelicans CEO Pasi Nurmi suspected of several crimes.

Nurminen is suspected of catching up with the taxi steering wheel while driving as a passenger, which caused the taxi to derail. He is also suspected of hitting a taxi driver after a drive-out.

Criminal Commissioner of the Case Investigation Director Virpi Nättiaho a female passenger who was on a taxi at the time of the incident is also suspected of the crime. The criminal offense is damage.

– A woman born in the 1970s is suspected of causing damage because she had damaged a taxi’s payment terminal, Nättiaho tells Iltalehti.

The Lahti Pelicans confirmed the suspicion of a crime by Pasi Nurminen last week after a police release and media information.

Grass is suspected of aggravated drunk driving, aggravated endangerment of traffic safety and assault in Hollola on 5 September.

According to Iltalehti, the taxi went into redemption after being taken out.

Lahti Pelicans has announced that Pasi Nurminen is not yet involved in the club’s activities. Lahden Pelicans Oy is now responsible for its operations Lauri Pöyhönen.

Pasi Nurminen has not commented on the case to Iltalehti.