New images of Monster Hunter in two international trailers of the film with Milla Jovovich

New trailers designed for the Chinese and Japanese markets feature the first images of Ron Perlman as the Admiral and a Palico, the feline creature that helps humans fight monsters.

In the United States they have recently not only confirmed but even anticipated the release date, now set for Christmas Day. With us it was scheduled for December 3, but at the moment the uncertainty about how and when the cinemas will reopen is total.
Meanwhile, they come from China and Japan two new Monster Hunter trailers in which they are shown for the first time Ron Perlman in the role of the Admiral, and a A stick, the feline creatures who team up with humans to help them track down and defeat the monsters that threaten them.
Here you are images:

Monster Hunter: two new international trailers of the film

Monster Hunter sees protagonist Jovovich mile, directed by her husband Paul W.S. Anderson, in the role of Artemis, leader of a UN military squad, who is transported to another dimension and a world populated by monsters. There he meets a character named il Hunter (the Tony Jaa of many martial arts films), with which she will try to prevent the monsters of that world from reaching the dimensional portal from which she herself came and attack the earth.
There are also in the cast T.I. Harris, Diego Boneta, Meagan Good e Josh Helman.


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