The pandemic continues and there are many people who need leaving home to resume their daily activities -mainly work, as they do not have the benefit of the home office.

Throughout the different stages of the pandemic, the governments of each nation and locality have implemented strategies of varying degrees of severity to keep the number of infections at bay.

For example, Spain imposed curfew, as well as the authorities of Tlaltetela, Veracruz in Mexico.

At official measures must be added the public derision to which some people try to submit to others who decided leaving home.

In other words, the eye is set on those who leave their homes in times of pandemic, so much so that a new deception that versa in this situation has been detected.

In accordance with The Verge, its executive editor received an email that literally said ‘We want to inform you that it has been recorded while leaving home three times yesterday. A more for $ 59 has been added to your account ‘.

A reporter from the same media received that email and both were told to visit the portal to receive more information about the settlement of the fine.

The detail to observe is that the league apparently is official, because it has at the end, but when doing tests they discovered that it is only text on display, because when they clicked it took them to the site and from there they were redirected to another portal which clearly was from scams.

Imagen: The Verge

It is clear that this hoax is currently operating in the United States, but should not be discarded that others of a similar nature come to our region. Being founded on leaving homeThey have the potential to create confusion and trigger hasty action.