In Finland, Iltalehti had the exclusive right to read the Discovery channel’s Estonia document in advance.

The car ferry, which sank 26 years ago in a severe autumn storm, took as many as 852 people to the bottom of the sea. Officially, the cause of the accident has been attributed to a poorly attached bow visor that came off in the final rough sea.

Discovery’s five-part documentary Estonia – A Revolutionary Discovery challenges that explanation with one new piece of information. It says there is a huge opening in the side of the ship that is virtually unexplained by anything other than either an explosion or contact with another ship.

The accusing finger points at least at this point to the Swedish Defense Forces and its submarines.

As most of the victims were Swedish, the Kingdom also had the main responsibility for investigating the accident. Eventually, the official version was hammered through without any chord.

There was no desire to embark on an arduous wreck-lifting operation. It would have exposed the damage to the side of the ship.

Naturally, the documentary tore open a big wound in the Swedish collective consciousness.

– For decades, the relatives of the victims have demanded an examination of the wreck if a hole below the waterline could be found. That would explain the incomprehensibly rapid sinking, the afternoon newspaper Aftonbladetin published in an opinion paper recalled.

– These demands have been consistently rejected by politicians, despite suggestions from experts and researchers in the field.

“Not the right time to speculate”

The Swedes are waking up to the idea that their democratically elected politicians were coldly lying about the reasons for Estonia’s sinking. The governments of Sweden, Estonia and Finland have also opposed dives aimed at the wreck.

After the documentary, denying them would seem even weirder.

– Based on the images, some external force has been applied to the ship. Whether it was an accident or someone tried to attack the ship and force it to stop, the authors ask.

Behind the text are several survivors from Estonia, members of parliament and representatives of the foundation caring for relatives.

– Now is not the time for speculation. The situation requires a formal investigation that is done quickly, accurately and in complete transparency, they stress.

One of the authors of the text, ex-member of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Parliament Lars Ångström, clarified its views on the broadcaster SVT: lle. He wants clarity on how there can be an opening about four meters long and just over a meter wide below the Estonian waterline.

– This new information fully confirms the widespread criticism of the official explanation for the sinking. This material shows that someone has hit the Estonian side with several tons of force, Ångström said.